A Twist of Faith Casting

In October we are shooting the short film, A Twist of Faith, written by Marsha Bolden, PhD.  She is currently auditioning folk for roles. If you are interested in working as cast or crew email Marsha at ScriptPerfect@outlook.com. Send her your headshot and resume.

A Twist of Faith tells the story of a community in Dallas that discovers a church of the occult has moved into their Christian community.  Pastor Crenshaw has taught his congregation many biblical truths but now he must face an evil entity and give his congregation a lesson in fighting the good fight.


  • Pastor Crenshaw – (Male/African American; 40-50) – Pastor Crenshaw took over his father church after his death five years ago. Very relaxed, easy going, mild personality.
  • Evelyn Crenshaw (Female/African American; 40-50) – Pastor Crenshaw’s wife. She looks good for her age and is a classy dresser.  She is very devoted to Pastor Crenshaw and she’s a worrier.
  • Deacon Lester – (Male/African American; mid 50’s – 65) – Deacon Lester is henpecked as he is very much afraid of his wife. He flirts behind her back. Although he is a devout Christian, he can be shaky in the presence of a beautiful woman.  He is comical in his conversations with Maxi (his wife) because she annoys him.
  • Maxi Lester – (Female/African American; mid 50’s- 65) – Very outspoken and firm. She never lets a word go unspoken if she thinks it needs to be said.  She wears beautiful Sunday hats and is quick witted.  She’s a sharp dresser and fusses over Deacon Lester every Sunday morning.  She is firm with Deacon Lester because she thinks he is irresponsible.
  • Zenith – (Female/African American; late 20′s – mid 30′s) – Extremely beautiful and shapely. She is a sharp dresser and wears five inch stilettoes.   She has a good heart but is very naïve about the occult she is a part of.  She is very likeable and tender when she talks to Jason but can come across as cold otherwise.




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