24 Days Til Christmas

Some days God will give you a work environment that is like family. Cherish those moments. I remember being a young woman running around the editorial floor, dodging Shankman, giggling with Lois and wonder “what the world?” about Bob. I was inspired by Serena’s art and got the biggest kick out of Annette.  They encourage me in a way, no one has since. We talked, laughed and supported one another.

Even though the company is gone and regular contact doesn’t happen, it is so sweet to gather together with these folks. This year I went to the reunion. It was a blessing. I loved having all of my sisters together.


It was a good reminder that sometimes coworkers can be lifelong friends. It is not always true, which is what makes them special.

My work experience over the last ten years has been filled with hateful, mean spirited people that the Lord has used to sand my rough places. He taught me through these people that no weapon formed against me shall prosper. He gave me the reunions and good memories during the tough times, so that I could hold on to them and know they are coming back again. He wanted me to know that not everyone you work with is going to be your friend and encourage you.

If you are having a rough patch, hold on to the good memories. They are coming back. The Lord is very good at separating sheep and goats. Watch and wait.


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