20 Days Til Christmas

I appreciate the awesome gift of a road trip.  My WWCrew and I have been to many places. This year we made some short trips, but they were just as fun. There is nothing like taking off with my friends to chart uncharted territory.


We load up on snacks and hit the road. It is too fun. The car is filled with laughter and learning. We are foodies, so the destination usually involves a restaurant.


We stopped at KD’s in Oklahoma City. This one was fun. The menu’s lite up, the food is good, but warning the portions are huge.  We have discovered through trial and error that there are two things we need to ensure a good meal: Dr. Pepper and Bread. We enjoyed the food and realize needed to walk around after eating.


We also believe in experiencing history and learning from the past. It was a beautiful day to visit the Oklahoma  Memorial.


Life is too short to spend it with a bunch of haters. Cling to those who love you, let go of those who don’t.  Peace is a gift and you need to protect it. Lots of people will say that they are your friends, but how do they react when you need them? When people show you who they are, believe it. God reveals things about people to us for a reason.  He doesn’t want you to stop loving and praying for them, but He doesn’t want destructive people having influence in your life.


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