6 Days Till Christmas

The Lord had been preparing me for yesterday for a while. He spoke to my spirit that she was winding down.  From the outside, you couldn’t tell but those of us who knew her, could see. She was no longer on the road, she was content to be at home.

One of the things I will always remember about my mom was she told me Barack Obama was going to be president before he ever received the Democratic nomination. I remember thinking this woman is crazy. America is never going to elect an African American President.

An African American woman who was raised in a segregated South got to see Barack Obama become President of the United States. She grew up riding at the back of buses and not crossing the railroad tracks after dark. She got to experience God’s faithfulness.

The Lord allowed her children to gather around her and cater to her. He allowed her grandchildren to amuse the heck out of her. He gave her above all she could imagine or desire in a family.

I almost had 50 years with her. Nothing was funnier than both of us with our readers trying to see something or her laughing at my hot flashes cause she remembered them.

She taught me a lot about life. She taught me how to laugh. She lived what a strong woman looked like.

One of her favorite singers, Nina Simone summed it up.


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