A Little New and a Little Old: Novels

I am almost through with my latest novel. It has been so much fun to write and I know you are going to love it. Destiny’s Dilemma is a historical novel, which means I am using some real circumstances and fake people. It takes place in 1912 Fort Worth, Texas when the city was on the cusp of becoming a really good city or a hell hole. Young Colored woman comes home after traveling round the world to get in touch with her roots and what she finds more than she bargained for.  In a few weeks, I will put up a sample chapter.

As part of the celebration, I am giving away free copies of Connections on Amazon Kindle today.


Connections is the story of a private investigator who with her best friend found missing relatives, spied on cheating spouses and caught a few bail jumpers. This private investigator never imagined the bad guys would chase her.

Running for her life, Sandy Herrick discovered that God was the only one with her who wasn’t talking smack, trying to kill her or get into her pants. As she and her friends try to figure out who framed them, they all discover that there was more to each other than they thought they knew.

As evil forces closed in on them, they have to determine who they trust and what they believe about each other. Would this be enough to save them?

Check it out:



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