Still Celebrating Fifty

For February, I was going to do a 10K, but snow deleted that. (not mad)

This month’s celebration of 50 years of life was with good friends in Selma, Alabama.  I have the craziest group of friends.  Someone will come up with a stupid idea and four other grown people will “Amen” it. But it does make for the best adventures.

The Bridge

It was a once in a lifetime experience. But getting there, not so much.  And that is life. Our everyday experiences may leave something to be desired, but we should not sacrifice the incredible moments we have the chance to be a part of.  God puts all of these people in our lives and creates beautiful moments.  Don’t miss them because you are focused on the wrong thing. Be where you are and love it.

I know April is going to be off the chain.  God is making 50 the best year yet.