Serving Others

TAB 2 Tarrant Area Food Bank

My pastor is preaching a series on serving others. His theology is God knows you are serious about putting Him first if you are serving others. He defines serving others by doing things for people who can’t reciprocate. Dr. Tony Evans said that others’ special needs are designed for divine intercession, it allows God to teach us about Himself.

I have had an amazing walk with God this week sitting in hospital rooms. Sometimes I got to sit quietly, while other times the rooms were filled with conversation and laughter. I have the best family. These people will show up and stay when you are in need. I got to see a compassionate God who cares for us in our weakest moments. We are all heading for that moment. Oh but for grace that will meet us there.

Last night I worked at the Tarrant Area Food Bank with a group of good friends. It was a blessing to be with folks who gave their time unselfishly. We had a good time doing something for someone who could not pay us for the work. God revealed what unconditional love looked like through these people.

That is what I love about God’s word. He gives us examples to live by. We know that if we serve others, we are in His will. If we are selfish, we are not in His will.

I know who I am in Christ. I know my strengths and my limitations. This week I got to be His hands and feet to the point of exhaustion. When I scheduled the Food Bank, I had no idea the other events of this week would take place. I am confident that I am in this season of life for this purpose.  My confidence is from Christ and His power at work in me.