An Intimate Look

Allow God to lead your day.

My day started when I got up and prayed. I made my to-do list for the day. Lord bless this list. Change it where you need to.

One of the stops on my list that I thought would take hours took about 15 minutes. Praise God.

I went and walked afterwards. As I was heading to my car at the end of my walk, I ran into my cousin. (the one that is 30 years my senior and I can’t keep up with.)

I decided to do another lap with her.

My bible study time:

It made me wonder how many of you will I see in heaven. And I also thought about what it would be like when you first see Jesus ( Rev 4, Isaiah 6)

As I was knocking other things off my list, I got a call that interrupted my progress.  I tossed everything to the side and went to the call.

I spent the afternoon with my aunt who is fading fast.  She had on an oxygen mask, so we couldn’t talk like we have been the last month. We watched the Rangers lose.  Sad I know.

A few hours later, other family members poured in. We sat, talked and waited.

I decided to leave. I needed to go home and check on my family.

But in the parking lot, a few of us started talking again.

I went back in.

This time it was my aunt who is fading fast, her best friend and me.

(This was one of those life changing moments so I don’t want you to miss it. Cause I almost missed it, but I listened to God and went back in.)

My Aunt’s best friend took her hand and began to pray. She prayed a prayer the reminded my aunt of all the things God has done in her life. Reminded her of all the amazing moments in life they had experienced. Reminded her of God’s faithfulness, mercy and His grace.

At the end of this woman’s prayer I heard the struggle of wanting your friend healed and wanting your friend to see Jesus.

When she finished, I prayed Lord, I want a friend like that. Someone who will remind me of your faithfulness.

After the prayer, my aunt kept looking up. See, she is looking for Jesus.

Like he said in the video, I know it is going to be an amazing experience.

He knows what’s coming. Allow Him to order your day.




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