Half Way Through 50

I knew my 50th year of life would be monumental, I just had no idea of what God had planned. He did right by not telling me His plan because I would have tried to help Him.

This year He has taught me about love and loss. He has taught me how fragile our hearts and lives are.  He showed me good friends will hold your hand at your death bed and pray you into heaven. He showed me strength in the Godly women I worship with. He has shown me Himself in a new and brilliant way that I have never seen before.

I have finished projects that I did not think were possible. I have written stories, I didn’t know where in me. I have honed my craft as a photographer by the sheer numbers of portraits I have taken this year.

When life got crazy, I always remembered my passion. When it has not reflected my dream, I remember His promise. My greatest reward is in heaven. My number one passion is Jesus Christ. He is my source, everything else is a resource.  When I didn’t have the strength, He had the strength. When I didn’t have the inspiration, He was the inspiration.

Here is what I have for you:

The other night in bible study (I am attending a group that is studying Beth Moore’s Daniel) the story was told of the Israelite building the temple. Because they could not cut the stone onsite, it was done somewhere else and sent to the site of the new temple to be put into place. One stone arrived that was too big and did not fit. They rejected it and put this stone to the side.

When they were finishing the building and needed the capstone, they sent word to the stone cutters that they needed the capstone to finish the building.  They sent word back that they had already had it. It was the stone that they had rejected earlier.  It was now the stone that was needed to hold the whole thing together.

Even though some of the things in your life don’t fit right now, rest assured that it will all come together just as He has planned. Remind yourself of your true passion and hold on to it. Jesus is my center.


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