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As you are doing your shopping online tomorrow don’t forget about UPP Creative. We are a multi media company that offers books and photography services.

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All of the books can be purchased on Amazon or Createspace. There are seven titles available. Here are the latest.


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Destiny’s Dilemma



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Caught in the Crosswinds

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Rained On But Not Overwhelmed

After I finished an 11 hour shift, I stopped and pumped gas in the rain because I was headed home and didn’t plan on venturing out anymore that evening. My T-shirt and jacket were wet from the rain, but I was headed home and traffic was light. It wasn’t going to take long.

Driving along one of many highway construction zone, I got a flat and had to pull over and park on the side of the road. I was a long way from home. It was dark, rainy and cold. Did I mention I was wet?

I called for a service to come change the tire, waited and prayed none of the cars speeding by would hit me. My sister, who is better than your sister, came and sat with me. She sat in her car (because she needed to listen to the game) and I in mine. It was still cold, rainy and dark. My car shook as 18-wheelers sped pass me.

I prayed, Lord I am sure there is a lesson in this. Help me know what you want me to get from this.

Shortly after that my sister pointed out that behind us about a fourth of a mile, there was a car in a ditch. Focused on my misery I had not noticed the still headlights in my rear view mirror. The car’s lights were on but we were not sure if anyone was in the car. The ditch was filling up with water. That car was in a worse position than mine.

Help arrived for both of us at the same time.

My lesson: No matter how bad your situation seems, there is always someone who has it worse.

What struggle seems to be drowning you? The Lord has promised in Isaiah 43:2 that when we pass through the waters, He will be with us and the river will not overcome us. At the right time, someone came along and helped us out of those situations. Sit back and let Him teach you what He wants you to know. Instead of being lost in your own misery, allow God to give you some perspective about your circumstances.

Lord, help me find a way to praise you in all my circumstances even when I am soak in cold rain, and it is dark and I can’t do what I want. Thank you for sending someone along side me to wait with me. Thank you for sending rescuers. Amen.




Stop Kicking Grace to the Curb


This week I got to languish in God’s grace. Sometimes we mistake God’s grace as a nuisance because it doesn’t look like what we think it should look like.  While I was getting a good picture of the High Holy God I serve during this week’s bible lessons, I experienced His grace in several settings.

My favorite experience was that worship comes from your heart. Many days we feel like Peter with a sword in his hand promising to follow the Lord to death. Yet when it comes to worship in any place at any time, we are more like Peter running from the crowd denying we know Jesus. I mean there are some places you just can’t worship Jesus. (wink)

God sends people into our lives to teach us about His grace. It seldom looks the way we expect it. It is never the people we expect. It always teaches us about His character. His goal is to make us look more like Christ and less like us.

When things don’t look the way we plan it, we figure everything is wrong instead of God had other plans. We tend to ignore the souls God has placed in our path and try to do things on our own. We miss the blessing.

I mean if anyone could have worked on his own, Christ could. But He chose 12 guys to work with Him. He knew what would happen if those men allowed God to work through them.

What is God calling you to do that is outside of your plan? Are you willing to miss His grace to work your plan?

This year I have watched His grace do incredible things in my life. It is purifying me.

How Do You Get Through Tough Times?

2015 is going down as one of the hardest years of my life. It has also been one of the most powerful years of my life.

This week in the study of Revelation we are looking at our view of God.  Many of us think of God as some better version of ourselves. Why else would we be so flippant in how we approach Him and refer to Him? We think of Him as a buddy or friend.

Earlier this year I had the opportunity to listen to some teaching by Francis Chan which approached this subject. I spent some time in Revelation 4 and gave great thought to who this was I am praying to. To be just a black girl about it, “What does He look like?” ( I mean wool like hair? Does that mean He black?)

To be honest, the images in Revelation 4 scared me. I have prayed for Him to help me understand what He wants me to know about these passages.  As I think about facing this mighty powerful God and all of those creatures, it makes my current circumstances seem like nothing. I can face a mountain of earthly circumstances in order to NOT have to face a creature with eyes in the front and back of it’s head who also has six wings. (feathers freak me out) And that is how He works. He takes our circumstances and uses it for His glory.

When Isaiah was mourning the loss of his king, Uzziah, The Lord revealed to him what the real King looked like on his throne with train of his robe filling the whole temple.(Isaiah 6) The Lord met the elders of Israel in the desert and John on the island of Patmos (Revelation 4). What they thought were awful circumstances, changed as they focused on the Creator and not His creation.

Their circumstances took them to the throne of God. My circumstances have taken me to the throne of God.(I have not physically been there) I have watched Him do more than I can imagine in my life this year (Ephesians 3:20). But now, I think about WHO is doing this for me and HOW He loves me unconditionally.

This week we have seen terrorism in France and wonder what will we do to combat such a powerful foe. People are angry and frighten by cowards who kill in the dark. The truth is the cowards are mortal and will die as will their mission. I have read how the story ends. We win. Don’t allow mortal men to cripple you with fear.

Let me tell you, there is a God who sits high and looks low (Psalms 113:5-6). He is not a better version of us (Isaiah 55:8). He is immortal and will judge everyone (James 4:12).

What I have learned in difficult times is that worship can get you through anything. You have to focus on what can really help you. A relationship with Jesus Christ. He can heal any wound any man can make.

I was sick all week, to the point of losing my voice, but the Lord saw me through. He took care of everything.  He writes scriptures on my heart through His actions. When I didn’t have another ounce of energy, He gave me more than I could ask or hope for (Ephesian 3:20).  He deserves all the worship I can I give.

One evening in BSF we were singing Worthy of Worship. I wondered if we would sing this in heaven. (And yes I want to be in the choir for that one). I can think of instances when He has been Father, Creator, Savior, Sustainer and more.

How do you get through the tough times? Worship.

Welcome New Folks to the Site

I wanted to take a moment and welcome the new folks to the site. For those who are unfamiliar with UPP Creative, we are a multi-media company with skills in publishing, photography and film-making. Please look over the website. You can learn about the books, video projects, photo shoots and much more.


We currently have a great Groupon Deal going for and Outdoor Photoshoot, so take advantage of it now. Search for UPP Creative Photography on Groupon Deals. It is a great time for family portraits.

The Queens photo shoot will be happening by the end of the year. I have some lovely ladies set to play the roles. It is going to be fun.


Movie Poster

Movie Poster

We finished our first feature film in 2015. It showed in two festivals.

There are a few surprises left in 2015. I will share them when I get a chance.


Look it is finally in print.

Connections Print Version

I am so excited. This is just the proof, but if you want to order it through me, I am offering it at a discount. I am just so excited!!!! If you are interested in ordering a print version of Connections please email or inbox me.


I also try to blog once a week. I believe that Jesus Christ came to save us. Every day, He teaches me something new and I like to share with you. Music is very important to me so there is usually a song attached to the blog. Some days it will fit in with what I am writing about, other days, I just like the song.

I believe our stories are powerful and love telling them. I make projects that matter. I want to Entertain, Educate and Stimulate the Mind.

I praise God for the vehicle of UPP Creative.

Peace and Hair Grease!