Welcome New Folks to the Site

I wanted to take a moment and welcome the new folks to the site. For those who are unfamiliar with UPP Creative, we are a multi-media company with skills in publishing, photography and film-making. Please look over the website. You can learn about the books, video projects, photo shoots and much more.


We currently have a great Groupon Deal going for and Outdoor Photoshoot, so take advantage of it now. Search for UPP Creative Photography on Groupon Deals. It is a great time for family portraits.

The Queens photo shoot will be happening by the end of the year. I have some lovely ladies set to play the roles. It is going to be fun.


Movie Poster

Movie Poster

We finished our first feature film in 2015. It showed in two festivals.

There are a few surprises left in 2015. I will share them when I get a chance.


Look it is finally in print.

Connections Print Version

I am so excited. This is just the proof, but if you want to order it through me, I am offering it at a discount. I am just so excited!!!! If you are interested in ordering a print version of Connections please email or inbox me.


I also try to blog once a week. I believe that Jesus Christ came to save us. Every day, He teaches me something new and I like to share with you. Music is very important to me so there is usually a song attached to the blog. Some days it will fit in with what I am writing about, other days, I just like the song.

I believe our stories are powerful and love telling them. I make projects that matter. I want to Entertain, Educate and Stimulate the Mind.

I praise God for the vehicle of UPP Creative.

Peace and Hair Grease!


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