Sandy was a private investigator trying to make ends meet. She worked with all kinds of people, but only offered a few select services. ¬†Photographing cheating spouses was one of those things. She had someone else doing the printing…

Stink was a 35-year-old Latin American man who had a variety of professions. She never questioned him on them, because she was afraid of what he would say. She had never had to post bail for him, so whatever he did he was good at it. She didn’t know his real name; she had met him through an acquaintance.

Stink handed her a manila nine by eleven envelope with stains from his morning coffee on it.

“Your girl was a freak.”

“Stink man, if I see these pictures on the internet I am going to lose my hand gun license the hard way.”

“Sand, would I do that?” He flashed a grin he used on many other women.

“Yeah, and you need to know that I will shoot you,” she said looking him in the eye.

She walked off looking tough, but the only thing she had shot lately was a target at the gun range. She knew to get her bluff in early, a trick she learned in parenting. But now it was time to deliver the bad news.

Connections is the story of a Sandy and her best friend as they find missing relatives, spy on cheating spouses and catch a few bail jumpers. This private investigator never imagined the bad guys would chase her.
Running for her life, Sandy Herrick discovered that God was the only one with her who wasn’t talking smack, trying to kill her or get into her pants. As she and her friends try to figure out who framed them, they all discover that there was more to each other than they thought they knew.
As evil forces closed in on them, they have to determine who they trust and what they believe about each other. Would this be enough to save them?

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