You Know You Know

I started researching my family history when I was in my early thirties. This was before websites that had tons of information on people. I used to sit at the library and read census records  and anything else I could get hold of. I compiled lists and made charts.

I traced my family back to about 1820 Farmington, Tennessee. I was very proud of all the work I had done, but it was speculation based on family legends and documents I found. I filled in my family tree with names and dates. There were a long list of people who were were related too. Some had great accomplishments and others were ordinary, but we were related. I shared it with other family members. Not many were interested.

The other day I got a message telling me my DNA matched some other peoples’ DNA and we should form a circle around a certain ancestor. This ancestor takes me earlier than I was. I laughed thinking I knew we were related before there was a DNA test to prove it. This just confirmed what I already knew.

This process reminded me of what heaven will be like. Some of us are going through things that seem tedious because we believe something.  We kinda of have an idea about it, but don’t really understand the details about it.

One day we are going to have the best giggle when Jesus tells us we are apart of his family. I mean we know it now, but when He tells us. That will be a day.



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