What Makes The Difference For You?

Like many in the world, I have been consumed by the Olympics in Rio this past week. I have enjoyed watching the young and strong  compete against each other and the sense of national pride it gives to us who do not have youth and strength. Like life, there have been good moments and not so good moments. All of these moments have made a difference in these athletes lives.

My favorite moment was when Simone Manuel realized she had won the gold medal in her swim meet. That innocent moment of looking up after the race to see where she had finished turned into something epic. Instead of being there to be a part of the race, she was now ready to win the race because she knew she could. (photo by Doug Mills NYT)


What makes the difference for you?

For me it is prayer. God taught me who, what, when, where and how. He gave me several amazing examples, but one that holds my heart is BSF leadership.  I remember many a cold morning on my knees praying with these sisters. I don’t think there is anything on this side of heaven like it. Then He strengthen my prayer muscles by having me exercise them. He taught me that to communicate with Him is the best way to live this life.

I have never really thought about being a prayer warrior until someone said something.  There are a list of people I pray over daily. Some are life timers, while others are just for a season. (the longer the list, the earlier I have to get up. enough said.) I revisit the list every quarter. Sometimes I move people off, but it is not God’s intention that they are off. For example there is one person I have been praying for, and I moved her off the list because it had been years since I have seen her. But every morning, the Lord brings her to mind. (His way of telling me she is still on the list.)

Another example is my oldest brother. For years I thought he was dead because we had not seen him in years, but prayed for him anyway.  I remember praying “Lord, he is with you. Why is he still on my list?” Turns out he wasn’t dead, and obviously needed those prayers.


Tonight, I was having dinner with a fellow empty nester and she said, “You are a prayer warrior.” Kinda like Simone, I looked up at her to see what she meant. Then I got it.

Once you know you are in a race to win, you swim differently than when you are just glad to be in the race. I realized not everyone is called to pray like I pray, but I am going to treat it like an Olympic event. I am going to do it with all I got.