It is Time for some Senators and Congressmen to go to Jail.

There have been some backroom deals that are affecting our republic. People have accepted campaign donations from folks they are voting on to hold high offices whether they are qualified or not. 

Currently in the state of Texas an African American elected official is being tried for using his elected position for gain.

How is it that Caucasians representing us at a national level can do it and no one pays attention. I think every member of Congress needs to be investigated and prosecured if it shows they voted towards the alliances that funded their campaigns. 

FBI, I need you to turn your attention on Trump’s cabinet picks. We Americans need to know how much they paid for those jobs. 

This year we will be a government if the people because we cannot expect our elected officials to do the right thing. I need all you civil servants to step up. I need you to root out this cancer that has taken over our government and reveal it. I need the judicial system to prosecute and incarcerated the offenders. 

Everyone who takes advantage of the American people in this manner needs to face us and take a just punishment. 

It is something we the people of these United States will have to do. We can’t count on them to do what’s right. 


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