You Gonna Learn Today

Or maybe you will learn tomorrow the hard way. There are two kinds of people in this world. One who learns by other people’s experience and one who learns by their own experience.
Example: Your brother tells you not to mess with something because Dad will give you a whipping when he catches you. He knows. He has been whipped for it.
The first person will heed the brother’s warning and stop doing it. The second person will keep on doing it to see if Dad will really whip them.
The Bible is full of characters who would not listen to God and had to do things their own way.  Saul wanted to be king the way he wanted to be king. He stopped listening to God and as a result, God picked a new king.
I am not a goody two shoes, but don’t your butt get sore from getting beat all the time? Don’t you get tired of always being in trouble?
As I have said on many occasions, God does not give F’s. He gives do overs. And usually the next time you go through it, it is harder than the last time. As I said before, don’t your butt get tired of being beat all the time?   I means sometimes why don’t you just say, “Jesus, I am going to do what you said.”
When I was a kid one of the things I caught on to was when I saw someone heading into trouble, I took my behind to where the adults were and sat down.  One summer evening, I joined the older ladies on their front porch chatting when a white man pull ed up in his car.

He said, “There are a bunch of little kids through rocks at the cars on the highway. Y’all know them kids?”
“No,” the ladies said.
Frustrated the man got back in his car and left.  But those ladies knew who it was and those kids were going to get a talking to because they brought the man into the hood.  And that was one of the few occasions I was not in trouble.  Some lessons you don’t want to repeat.
So whatever you are fighting through right now, ask God to help you understand what it is He wants you to learn. If you fail the test, you will find yourself back in that same situation again and again until you get it.
God is more interested in you learning what He wants you to know than you getting what you want when you want it. There is a purpose in everything you go through.  Look for it. Learn from it.