My 17 in 2017

Because of my friend Bridgette Brown, I set out to do 17 things that I have not done before (or in a long long time).  As I tell you of my accomplishments, I will break this up into several days.


1. One of the most profound things I did was attend Dave Ramsey’s class on how to manage your money.  This class changed how I viewed money and how I handle it.  I have watched people do all kinds of crazy things with their money and wondered “Why are they doing that?”  Dave Ramsey changed my perspective on money.  And that is the key. God taught me what He sponsors, He pays for.  If you have to jump through major hoops and you get a sick feeling in the pit of your stomach, don’t sign up for it. Don’t do it. God provides for my needs. Not all the other crap I see that I want. I trust Him.


2 For the first time ever, I went to a Mardi Gras parade. With my friends and family, we went to Galveston to experience the parade there. It was an adventure for me as we walked pasted houses decorated for Mardi Gras. Some folks had music playing. It was a party atmosphere I had never experienced before. I also got to take cool photos. (It is also the only time I have been that close to the beach and not gone near the water)

3 Breakfast Klub

3 We had breakfast at the Breakfest Klub in Houston. (Uh yeah, we are foodies. We will travel across the country to eat at a restuarant) But if you have been following me long, you know that.

4 Camera Operator 1

4  At church they moved me to camera operator (during  the live production!).  It is so funny to me because I always remind them, I can’t see if it is in focus or not. (the struggle with growing older is you get much smarter with age, but your body parts start to break down and not function properly.) Who knew a volunteer position would stretch you? I love being a part of that team.


As you get ready for 2018, look at the world around you and ask yourself, how can you participate? How will you get better, learn something you never knew or get better at something you used to know.  Make yourself a list and look for those moments when God opens a door for you to step out of your comfort zone.

I promise you, it will be a blast.


Peace and Hair Grease.


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