Yesterday God and I Had A Little Chat

And when God is the only one around to talk to, you listen.

The neighborhood I moved into is a little rough. I have been warned by people who are from the city, people who used to live in the city and people who are not from here.

I figured God called me to it, He has a plan. And as long as I got my mace I am okay. I can fight off anything. (Fyi: God plus anything isn’t a solution)

As I am getting ready to go, I can’t find my mace. Did I leave it in Texas? I unpack boxes, turn everything upside down. No mace.

Transparent moment: absolutely terrified to walk the streets without it. Everyone has told me its dangerous. I watch stories on people being murdered daily.

God asked me if I trusted Him. Did we just go through this journey for me to be raped, murdered, killed? (The answer to this tells Him what I really think)

So I packed up without. I thought to myself, He’s gonna let me find the mace when I get back. Yes, I saw the lesson being taught.

I walked the streets of the neighborhood trying to look like I knew what I was doing. But I kept going the wrong way and having to go back. Probably looked pretty dumb. But I noticed it was a nice neighborhood.

The lawns were mowed. People took care of their property. The people I met along the way seemed friendly enough. The architecture revealed the history.

I felt like Gideon coming out of the wine press. Not sure about the enemy or God. But I knew I needed to keep moving forward. Backwards was not an option.

But I had a lovely day learning my way around the city. I heard my God say pray for this neighborhood and people. While many are waiting on the government to do something, the power to change things lies within.

What if God said, we can change everything about this city if we put people who pray and believe in these neighborhoods. People who are not jaded with fear and lack of compassion.

I am praying for my new neighborhood and neighbors. I pray He will decrease crime and violence. I pray He will protect families. I pray He gains all the glory.

When I returned home, I found the mace. I laughed.

You see I can go in my strength which is weak and limited. I can spray the enemy with mace and run. Or I can go in the power and strength of the Lord. He has the power to change hearts and lives. Where He leads is always the safe place to be.

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