Standing up trying not to fall asleep

“If you chase a dog it will run,” Ms CJ said. She jumped into the conversation of the teenage boy behind me. He was almost in tears talking to his friend about how his girl broke up with him.

Ms CJ went on to say, “just be still.” She had butted into his conversation because she couldn’t resist. She knew he needed good sound advice at this time.

She went on to tell him that things happen for a reason and if he was still for a while, it would make sense later.

Once she said that we got off the bus because it was our stop.

This morning Pastor Tanya was telling me how people are always asking her to tell them the purpose God has for their life.

I can’t do that, she said. I tell them they need to meet with Him everyday. She said through that quiet time and scripture God will reveal His plan to you, but it is something you have to do yourself.

So all of you folks out there searching for a magic elixir, be still and know. It is through time spent in His word that you learn the shepherd’s voice. Like any relationship worth having, time spent in it is what makes it work. Listen.