This is Worth your Time

I don’t really like true stories in tv or movies because the endings are seldom the way I want them to end. But sometimes the actor leading the show is pretty compelling.

Fell in love with Martin Freeman as Watson in Sherlock so I had to at least check out this new series, Confession. It tells the story of Detective Superintendent Stephen Fulcher as he looks for a missing young woman. Confronted with the killer, Fulcher has to make a decision that haunts him the rest of his life.

The Brits really understand short term attention because my favorite series have about 5 episodes. So does this one. Confession is a little confusing as it uses flash backs trying to explain the circumstances for several individuals. But it is thought provoking.

I have to fight the urge to want Freeman to be the character I had come to know him as, Watson. There were times I wanted him to fight back or have all the right answers. I had to let it go. I had to recognize his purpose in this story.

Actresses Siobhan Finneran and Imelda Staunton carry the weight of this series and it is refreshing. They each play a mother of a missing girl and take the viewer on an interesting ride. I saw portions of myself in each of these mothers. These actresses told a compelling story.

I recommend this series for those who like to binge over a couple of days. It is British, well written and told.

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