There Is Fire

It was 1 am. It was episode 5. Should push play or go to bed. I mean it was the pandemic so no real reason to early rise.

I didn’t even want to see the show originally because it sounded corny to me. I mean put together a diverse and inspirational gospel choir. How ridiculous. I mean gospel choirs can’t be done like American Idol or the Voice. Let’s keep somethings sacred.

Then the first auditionee opened her mouth and it gave me chills.

I was wrong.

Voices of Fire, produced by Pharrell Williams and his uncle Bishop Ezekiel Williams, documents their journey to produce this choir in Hampton Road, Virginia. Like many of those shows that audition people to sing, there are long lines and colorful people. 

Bishop Williams shares his vision to build a choir that is black, white, Asian etc, creating a melting pot of people like Jesus talked about.  He said when all of those people come together it would draw other like-minded people. It allowed them to give incredible testimony.

Bishop said people might not listen to him preach a gospel message but would sit down and listen to a song that carries the same message. He said music transcends racial divides and cultural boundaries.

Bishop and the judges started out looking for unicorns, people with extraordinary talent and stories.

They found them.

I was inspired. I was encouraged. I was blessed.

I watched people from different cultural backgrounds sing songs that caused me to lift my hands, rock from side to side and sing with them. I thought if the power of the spirit of God was this strong weeks after it actually happened, I can imagine what it felt like in those rooms.

One evening when you need a pick me up. Check this out on Netflix. It will bless you.  And I can’t wait for them to come to town.