Here’s A Good Movie (Maker)

My sister likes clothes and shoes.  I do too, but not as much as her. She suggested that I watch The Dressmaker because she loved the wardrobe.


First let me say, I am so glad that this story was a 2-hour movie versus the six episode series that seems to be the current trend with new projects. I am tired of weak story lines that drag on for six episodes.

The Dressmaker tells an interesting story with compelling characters that keeps you guessing.

Quirky was the term my sister used to describe it to me, and she was right.

The main character, Tilly comes back to her hometown in the 1950s to avenge a wrong, but also to discover the true story.  Played by Kate Winslet, she leads us through the kooky town introducing us to the inhabitants, including a police officer who secretly cross dresses, a chemist with a hump in his back and the meanest schoolteacher I have ever seen.  My first thought is why would you want to go back to these people, but she did have family there.

Judy Davis played her mother who is as wild and crazy as all the town inhabitants. But she is so fun. She tags along with Tilly on her first date with Teddy (Liam Hemsworth) sitting in the movie theater talking loud.

I won’t give anything away, but I love how they told this story.  As much as my sister loved the clothes, which were amazing, I loved the story. At no time did I feel like I knew where it was going, but I was quite satisfied with the ending. You will be too.