Art of the Month

In 2021 the art series with examine moments in African American history in an attempt to UNERASE our past.

Historically the myth teaches us that Africans were brought to the Americas and taught a skill.  It had us believing that the Africans were untrained labor dependent on European knowledge.

According to Toby Green in Fistful of Shells, when Europeans landed on the African continent, they were amazed at the crops the natives produced. The tribes had been trading in the Middle East for centuries. Europeans recognized the skills how well the tribes cultivated the earth around them.

Instead of creating deals to share information and wealth, these sinister Europeans bartered with tribes to steal the individuals who could cultivate fields on foreign soil. They would take these tribal skills and make themselves rich while depriving the people who did the work any of the wealth or benefit from it.

They would transport people from the African coasts to the Americas and grow crops of sugar, rice, and later cotton, peanuts and so much more.