I had seen it before, it didn’t hit me until this time.

It was Victorian London with all manner of men and women. They were African, Asian, Anglo etc. They were through all facets of life, upper, middle, and lower class.

We were there. We had always been there.

We had been erased.

Through motion pictures and storytelling people of color had been erased from society as if they had not even existed.

I thought of all the Sherlock Holmes stories I had seen with not one person of color in it.

I thought of all the American History portraits I had seen without one person of color.

We had been erased.

I don’t normally watch stories that are from the horror genre or ones that tell satanic stories. Yet The Irregulars drew me in with the multiracial cast. Thaddea Graham leads the cast of Irregulars as Bea, a kick your butt trying to stay on the moral side of evil girl. The rest of the cast is fun and not all white.

It stretches the Holmes tail so our of sorts it becomes unrecognizable. Let me say this again. I don’t like horror. But I love Sherlock Holmes. (Make sure you catch the first episode of Season Three of TV Talk with the Sistas to find out how much I love this.)

Now I only watch The Irregulars in the day time, with the lights on and my bible on.

Clarke Peters has an eerie role in it, but kind of like a train wreck I can’t wait to see what he has up his white linen sleeve. I have loved Peters since his The Wire days. He always brings something to a performance.

The other thing that got me, Dr Watson is a brother. Royce Pierreson brings a nice layer to Watson that makes him more intellectual and less of a bumbling bodyguard.

NOTE: African Americans will watch other African Americans (or British Africans) in a movie, series, a play, a commercial, versuz to support our people. We are in the process of broadening the genre from just Black person in a new movie to Black person in a HORROR movie. Things you need to know before you cut the tv on in the middle of the night.

Let me just say some of the scenes in the show can get a person put out of a good Christian home. Don’t turn the sound up if Big Mama home.

Yet the thing this story does that captures my attention is that is unerases people of color. I feel if they see me, I should at least see them back.