This year I had the opportunity to attend the Essence Festival in New Orleans and it was more than I had imagined. Surrounded by people who look like me, it was amazing to experience being appreciated by companies that make products that I purchase. This image represents Target. they touted the African American owned companies that have products in their stores.

I am thankful for events that respect the hard earned dollars I spend.


Today I had the opportunity to reflect on my time in Chicago. I am so thankful for this journey. This city has taught me so much about what a major metropolitan area can be. It has shown me all the good things that can happen when people work together. It is a beautiful place.


Every tie on this railroad track represents an accomplishment and a challenge from this year. Some where bold and strong, while others were tired and weak. But they all contribute to keeping the train on the tracks. As long as the train is on the tracks it is heading somewhere.


Some times I set up a goal for the year and it never materializes. It is easy to get frustrated when you can’t do what you want to do.

I love to serve at church because it is a form of worship for me.

The way I normally serve was not available so I had to serve in a different capacity. It became such a blessing.

I photographed baptisms.

I loved this more than anything I have done.

Sometimes the thing that doesn’t work turns out better. This was one of those time.