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Serving Hands


What Do You Pack?

When you go somewhere most of the time you need to take a few things with you.  I know depending on where you go determines what you take with you. What do you pack it in?

Opening Suitcase

The idea of a suitcase was an afterthought. At the time it was created, only rich people traveled, and they used large trunks because they could also bring servants to carry them. The chosen method of travel were ships, and trunks worked best in the bottom of a leaky ship that tossed items around. Trunks were made with metal bases, sealed with rubber to keep water from getting in. It made it difficult for a person without servants to travel.[1]

According to the Smithsonian, more people began traveling for the sake of traveling at the beginning of the 20th Century.  Transportation was better with many more ways to travel and it was not just for rich people anymore.

The suit case was originally created to hold a suit. There was a compartment inside for the shirts, and sometimes even an attachment box for a hat. It was designed to hold a suit and had a handle to be carried. Before that, there was a carpet bag which could hold a few items and was also able to be carried.

Once the idea of suit cases caught on, it became an industry.  Historians said that our luggage reflects our modes of transportation. This is very true today as we have to pack our suitcases based on whether we drive, fly, sail or travel by train.  Each mode of transportation has its own rules about what we can/cannot bring.

As I think about what I will take on this journey, because I know everything and the kitchen sink can’t go, I have to think about what will I carry it in. I think about this a lot when I travel because I know, whatever I take, I will carry.  Let me say that again, whatever I take, I will carry.

One of the things I learned in 2018 was that I have to carry the things that I want. I do. Not my kid, or family, or friends. I should not load things up in a car or a cart unless I intend to keep the car or cart as long as I keep the things. I have to carry my own things.

I try to choose suitcases that make that job easier. I like smaller ones that I can lift. If they have a handle and wheels that can rolls then I am a superstar.

I know choosing the suitcase before I decide what to put in it is the best way for me. So how do you pack for your trips


If You Scared Take A Tiny Step,

if you are not, take a BIG step. Pursue the dream God has placed in your heart. You were created for a purpose, so you need to live in it while there is still time. Nothing is more fulfilling than doing the thing you were created to do.

When I see folks pursuing their dream it gives me energy. There is great joy in seeing people do what they were created to do. It inspires me to do more. You know iron sharpens iron. (Proverbs 27:17)

A few weeks ago, I got to learn about ceramics from a person who loves ceramics. She has more than 30 years experience and continues to grow. It was fun. It was inspiring. It made me think 3D instead of 2D. I mean I won’t be a master in ceramics but it was good to develop my  ideas around sculpture.


I understand that it is very scary to take a step toward something that probably makes your heart beat faster. It is worth it. Once you get use to taking those steps you will find it easier to venture beyond your initial plan.

I love to tell a story. I am learning a new way to do that. I am currently working a musical. I am excited and scared at the same time. But I am in love with the notion of telling the story of love and redemption through music. I have never done anything like it before, but I am going to put everything I got into it.

Sixty Six with tag line

Whatever it is you are supposed to do. Do it with everything you got. Stop waiting for the right time. Now is the right time. It doesn’t have to be perfect. It just has to be done.


What’s Your End Game?

I saw this tree all day, but it wasn’t until the end of the day that I actually looked at it. Then I saw the one leaf hanging on for dear life. It is funny how you can see something all day and not really see it. How you can work at a job for many years and wonder what the heck you are doing there? How many of you are hanging on to something that is not for you?  Like this leaf, you think you are going to make this work.


Many of you are in places you were not supposed to be. Maybe God had you there for a little while and you got comfortable and stayed.  You figure the devil you know is better than the devil you don’t. But it is slowly killing you, physically, mentally and spiritually.  You have lost hope because you have your hope in the wrong things, like a job, a child, a marriage, location, a president.

The Creator of the universe created you for something special. When He called you into being, He specially designed you with a purpose and a plan.  He knew He could bring something beautiful out of darkness.


And like the sun that sets everyday, He has a purpose and plan for you. It is time for you to start operating in your purpose.  I remember seeing this sunset and thinking wow. I need a picture of it, but sun was setting faster than I could get my camera ready.  If you don’t start operating in the purpose He has for you, you are going to miss those amazing moments God has planned for your life.  It is possible to miss the blessing.


But it is never to late to catch a glimpse of His glory as long as you are on this side (in the land of the living). It is not as spectacular as the original blessing, but still worth it.  In 2017, ask God what is your end game? What are you working towards? What were you created to do?




Purpose and Passion

Lately,  I get to meet some of God’s people and photograph them. It has been the kind of blessing your really can’t describe because you need to experience it yourself.

I have met a woman drowning in grief because her fiance was murder.  I met another woman who survived stage three colon cancer. In spite of their circumstances, these people have continued to trust God. I appreciate being able to contribute to their lives.

God has placed people in our path for a purpose. Every time you think your story has reached its worst possible conclusion, God introduces you to someone who has it worse than you. If you are feeling down, look up. There is someone who needs your encouragement.

Every day of my life I get to remind people that there is beauty in this life God has created, whether in photos or videos or books.

God has called you to something. What passion has He ignited in your soul?