What’s Your End Game?

I saw this tree all day, but it wasn’t until the end of the day that I actually looked at it. Then I saw the one leaf hanging on for dear life. It is funny how you can see something all day and not really see it. How you can work at a job for many years and wonder what the heck you are doing there? How many of you are hanging on to something that is not for you?  Like this leaf, you think you are going to make this work.


Many of you are in places you were not supposed to be. Maybe God had you there for a little while and you got comfortable and stayed.  You figure the devil you know is better than the devil you don’t. But it is slowly killing you, physically, mentally and spiritually.  You have lost hope because you have your hope in the wrong things, like a job, a child, a marriage, location, a president.

The Creator of the universe created you for something special. When He called you into being, He specially designed you with a purpose and a plan.  He knew He could bring something beautiful out of darkness.


And like the sun that sets everyday, He has a purpose and plan for you. It is time for you to start operating in your purpose.  I remember seeing this sunset and thinking wow. I need a picture of it, but sun was setting faster than I could get my camera ready.  If you don’t start operating in the purpose He has for you, you are going to miss those amazing moments God has planned for your life.  It is possible to miss the blessing.


But it is never to late to catch a glimpse of His glory as long as you are on this side (in the land of the living). It is not as spectacular as the original blessing, but still worth it.  In 2017, ask God what is your end game? What are you working towards? What were you created to do?





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