It’s Almost Time

Fill In The Gap is a magazine is designed to give a voice to marginalized women who don’t have one with the intent of sharing information and entertainment. 

The Fall issuse is almost here. It should be available soon. We will introduce you to some amazing Latinas who will share their customs.

Here is the link to our first issue: Spring 2109

Fill In The Gap Magazine Spring 2019

Here is the link to our Summer 2019 Issue:

Fill in the Gap Magazine Summer 2019

Some Call It A Hard Rain

while others might refer to it as a storm. A metaphor for struggles in life, we  all encounter them in our lives and have to decide how to deal with them. In this collection of short stories, Dancing During the Storm, each main character had to decide what they would do when their life turned upside down.

This book is available:




How to Raise God Wise Kids in a Satan rich World


The Updated Version of Dancing During the Storm is available.

Imagine living in a world where women are second class citizens.  With the world on the verge of war, women decide it is time to stand up, but there are some who would hold them back. In this short story, 14 to Fate, two women make decisions that the rest of the world will have to live with. But what do they decide?

Find out in Dancing During the Storm, Vol 2.

How to Raise God Wise Kids in a Satan rich World

My Influencers

My Influencers: The African American women writers who influenced my life were Lorraine Hansberry , To Be Young Gifted and Black and Ntozake Shange, For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow is Enuf. One of the roles I had always wanted to play was the Lady in Green. I had the honor of doing so many years ago at the Plano Rep.

Featured Book This Week: Connections

If someone in your family took off with your money or your new boyfriend was kind of iffy, she’s the private investigator used to dealing with folks from the hood. Connections is the story of how one case turned out to be the biggest case of her life.

You can purchase printed versions from me for $12.00



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