From the Director’s Chair

Family Tree is moving right along. It is still in editing. In the next week, we will start work on graphics and scoring. 


Last night, I was reminded of one of my influences as a director and performer. Charlie Chaplin. I found myself caught up in a documentary on Charlie Chaplin as he began to hone the character The Tramp. I am mesmerized by him as a performer and producer.  I love his comedy because he knew what would make people laugh.  He wasn’t afraid to take a risk and he worked at it very hard, one scene had 262 takes! As I watched scenes shot in 1917 and wondered how did it, I was too captivated by his work to switch channels and go back to the show I was watching.

Chaplin created moments that just made me go “Wow.” I mean it has been almost a hundred years and the bits he created on film still pulled people in.  That is what I want. People will still be watching bits from my work a hundred years from now and laughing.

Like Chaplin, I believe that laughter has healing properties. I think we take ourselves too serious.  We need to laugh loud and often.

TCM ran a documentary on Charlie Chaplin titled Birth of a Tramp.  It said Chaplin went against conventional wisdom and doubled the length of comedy films. Audiences were used to 20 minute comedy shorts. Chaplin increased his to 40 minutes. He felt he needed more time to tell his story and knew the audience would like it. He was right.

He knew what he wanted to do and he did it. I work the same way. I know what I want and I am going to do it. Don’t tell me the rules or how it won’t work.  Either get on board or get out the way. Thanks Charlie.


Peace and Hair Grease





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