Here is what I love about the ALS Challenge on social media

One. It shows people from all walks of life united around a cause. From former Presidents to movie stars to that large lady sitting on her porch scared to death of the impending cold water, people are taking the challenge and sharing it. We are a united people and it is easy to forget that because there is so much in the world that tears us apart. But our founding fathers knew there was something to this experimental idea of bringing people from different backgrounds together. I want you to know that this is a good thing.


Just like the pain of the ice cold water shocking your skin, our nation has experienced many painful situations that have threatened to end the experiment.  But we, as a people, are stronger than that.

Two. It is so funny watching grown people drop a bucket of ice water on their heads. It is cool to laugh at yourself and not always take yourself so serious. I have so much respect for those who have taken this challenge. I have enjoyed the creative expression many of you have shown, from Tom Cruise’ many buckets of cold water to the Vanilla Ice rapping ladies in front of their pool.

The only way we will heal race relations in this world is going to be through laughter, because there is too much to cry about on both sides. It is time for everyone to step back and stop taking themselves so serious.

Three. I have learned a lot about ALS in a few days of social media than I would have in weeks of classes. I am inspired by Pete Frates story.  I love how God can take our struggles and make it a triumphal moment. I hope Pete is enjoying watching people all over the world dump ice on their heads.  Even more so, I hope he is in awe of the money sent to the ALS foundation who went from $2 million a year ago to more than $41 million  to date.

If there were a similar challenge around race relations we could deal with issues in a clever, funny way.

Four. Beware of the people who say disparaging things about the challenge. Yes, there are other things happening in the world, but if you can’t take a couple of minutes to unite with us, you are the problem.  If you can connect on this issue, it opens doors to connect on other issues. If you only want to connect on your issues… you are the problem.

Five. The Bible tells us that there will always be struggles in this world until the Lord comes back.  But occasionally He gives us these moments where we can enjoy each other and laugh. We can participate or watch.  But lets all appreciate how ALS and this challenge has made us a united people again reaching out to one another and supporting a good cause that needs some attention.

Bill Gates

Peace and Hair Grease


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