Today I am thankful for Jesus. I love me some Jesus. Unlike fried chicken, sweet potato pie and cranberry sauce, there are no calories associated with Him. But He will change your life. #won’thedoit.

The more I learn about what God did to bring me back into a right relationship with Himself, I can’t do nothing but shout. Some people find my praise offensive, but to whom much is given, much is required. #don’twaittilthebattleisover

He could have let me drown. I would have let you, if you had sinned as much as I did. I would have given up on you. But God fills me with His hope so now I can’t give up on you. He changes lives. Many of you are still my friends because of Him. He loves us more than we can imagine.

He died in my place, paying a debt to sin, I could not. I don’t deserve His grace and mercy, but am blessed because of it. Thank you, Jesus.

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