It Is The Winner

There are so many Christmas movies and so little time. I mean there are country Christmases, urban Christmases, California Christmases, Alien Christmases. It goes on and on.

For me, this season the winner is Last Christmas on HBO.

This is the best, most fun movie I watched all the way through and only stopped once. Child of the 1980s that I am, it won me immediately with the George Michael music throughout the movie. And this cute little film from the UK reminded me why I love his music which set a certain type of mood for the film.

The well written script tells me the story in a manner that keeps my interest by making me wonder where it is going. Our main character is Kate, a young woman living in the UK with her parents and sister, all of which have immigrated from Yugoslavia during the critical time of Brexit. She is living the life of a normal twentysomething.

Emilia Clarke is so good as Kate, she is annoying. The first 40 minutes of this movie, I wanted to punch her myself. I was yelling “Girl, get a life!” Then the very charming Henry Golding shows up at Tom and starts me to wondering. First of all, why would someone like him be interested in a girl who wears an elf costume? I didn’t find this to be one of those ordinary Christmas stories.

The Emma Thompson plays Kate’s mother which gives you a glimpse into why Kate is so crazy. Thompson’s character is this older woman who has immigrated to the UK has lots of fears about it. She is a doting mother, but none make you hate her. Michelle Yeoh plays Kate’s boss who goes by the name of Santa and also gives you moments to giggle. Both women characters have that thing that happens after you turn 50 when you say whatever you think to the twentysomething in the room, like “that’s stupid.”

The screenplay was written by Thompson and Bryony Kimmings who were inspired by George Michael’s song Last Christmas. I enjoyed how they chose to tell the story. It was cheeky, funny, corny and endearing.

I like the story because of the set up. It doesn’t do anything that I don’t expect. It slides a few things in, like the Christmas shop that sells odd Christmas ornaments like the baby Jesus with a full set of teeth and a smiling donkey or a Christmas tree made from baby cabbages.

The thing I love is that it takes me one step deeper than most movies like it. It explains why. Life is full of people who do dumb stuff. Once you know why they do it, it changes everything. For that, this movie will go on my list of movies I will watch over and over. And Henry Golding is hot.


What an incredible life we get to lead.  We live during a pivotial time in history where God is doing amazing things.  In a time full of darkness, I have seen things that give me hope.

The thing that makes me giggle, and I am very grateful for is that God does not forget our prayers even when we forget. This year I was reminded of how I prayed to be surrounded by people who pray big prayers and believe God more than a decade ago.  This year I was surrounded by a church standing up to do that exact thing. It is exciting and scary at the same time. It is exciting to watch God work, yet it is scary as you step on that limb and walk toward the edge.

This has been a transition year for me as I teach my daughter to adult and begin my own personal journey. I am thankful for the blessing God has given me in both areas.  Again, I was surprised at what I could do when I surrendered to God’s leading.

I am so grateful for phenomal the people God placed in my life this year. They have been His Hands, His Feet, His Voice, His Encouragement, His Strength and much more.  My favorite moment was when I couldn’t hear. I didn’t have insurance. I didn’t have cash.  Some folks I love stepped in the gap.

If you never need anything, and no one ever helps you, you will miss the mightiest blessing of all. It provides for a need, but what it does for the heart is more powerful.

But the thing that gives me hope is that people are seeking God.  They are not seeking a church or a minister, but the One who Created the Universe. I sit in BSF and wonder where did all these women come from.  There are so many new women, I seldom see the people I have known for years. This gives me hope.


Twitter gives me hope. Unlike the rest of the world that puts up with nonsense,  twitter will take a stupid idea and beat it with a baseball bat. Like the word of God, it is a sword that separates joints and marrow, soul and spirit.  In 140 characters, it reveals the heart of the writer. I met some amazing hopefilled hearts on there.

My prayer this year has been, if I ask for bread, the Lord will not give me a stone.  He has been faithful. I am thankful. I praise Him for the journey..

I wish you and yours the best of Thanksgiving,

Peace and Hair Grease



Anchoring my seven days of Thankfulness is Music. Today I am thankful for music. I am hoping our new glorified bodies that we will receive in heaven will come with a pitch perfect voice. Whatever voice I get, you will hear me sing Holy, Holy, Holy forever (so you might want to pray for pitch perfect).

Almost every day, the Lord wakes me with a song in my heart. Most days it is a Christian song, some days it is secular (Yes, God is a TLC fan). Occasionally, it is a song I have never heard before. More than anything, I love the connection to Him. I love the communication with Him.

I love all types of music, but there are two groups that influence my worship. Israel & New Breed and Third Day. I have only seen one group perform live, but it was a life changing experience. Music helps me focus on what is really important. I work and play according to a beat. I am inspired by it. It allows me to hear the rhythms of life. Train cars going down the tracks late at night. Traffic whizzing down the highway on a busy afternoon. The wind whipping through the trees. The silence.

Music is one of His greatest creations and I am grateful.

Fort Worth

Today I am thankful for Fort Worth. It ain’t perfect, but its home. It is the place where I was born and raised. I have been fortunate enough to travel to other cities so I do have something to compare it to.

I love the beach, not too fond of the mountains. I am amazed by the tall trees in the Carolinas, and love the vibes in Harlem. I have ridden the “L” in Chicago, but DC’s Metro is my favorite.

I have walked the streets of New Haven and driven the freeways in LA. I have gotten a kick out of Beale Street, but the food in New Orleans will always be my favorite.

I have stood at the High School in Little Rock, the motel in Memphis and the Holocaust Museum in DC. I can’t wait to walk across the bridge in Selma on its 50th anniversary.

In Fort Worth, there is no Atlantic or Pacific Oceans. We are landlocked. The trees are not as impressive as the Carolinas and there are no subways connecting us to other communities. We are notoriously lacking in Civil Rights History, but when I think of home: Mama’s Pizza, Robinson’s Barbecue and Good Luck. The South Side, Stop Six and Meadowbrook. Remember Seminary South or when Stage West was in the TCU Theater? My Paschal and TCU purple blood runs deeper than the Barnett Shale.

Does Fort Worth ever cross your mind?


Today I am thankful for Jesus. I love me some Jesus. Unlike fried chicken, sweet potato pie and cranberry sauce, there are no calories associated with Him. But He will change your life. #won’thedoit.

The more I learn about what God did to bring me back into a right relationship with Himself, I can’t do nothing but shout. Some people find my praise offensive, but to whom much is given, much is required. #don’twaittilthebattleisover

He could have let me drown. I would have let you, if you had sinned as much as I did. I would have given up on you. But God fills me with His hope so now I can’t give up on you. He changes lives. Many of you are still my friends because of Him. He loves us more than we can imagine.

He died in my place, paying a debt to sin, I could not. I don’t deserve His grace and mercy, but am blessed because of it. Thank you, Jesus.