18 Days Til Christmas

Sometimes a gift doesn’t look like a gift. One of the most fun gifts I received this year was my small small group. I lead a study of God’s word with about 6 ladies who crack me up. Do we ever stay on topic? No. Do we ever finish on time? No. Does God use us to bless each other? You better believe it.

I am surrounded by a group of social workers who deal with tragedy in other people’s lives everyday. It helps me keep things in perspective about my own life. It reminds me that there is much in life we take for granted, like a sound mind and a well body.

These ladies keep me honest (it does help that two of them are my sisters). God teaches me a lot through them.  I have been very fortunate to be born African American and female on this timeline in history. He has poured out such a gift of Himself on us. Not everyone in the group is African American, but His Spirit reigns in their lives also. There is a camaraderie with Christ that we are not ashamed of.

Small Group


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