14 Days Til Christmas

I don’t go every year, but I do love the State Fair of Texas.  This year was a good year.

IMG_2803 (640x427)

I never went to the State Fair as a child, but as an adult I admit my favorite things were: cotton candy and candy apples.  I do remember the year I was leaving the fair, walking to my car and the candy apple fell off the stick onto the ground. I believe that was the sign for me to try new things.  As a result, my new love is the Cuban roll.

This year was good also because my sister and Hope got on one of the crazy ride. A picture says more than any words I can put together.

State Fair 1 WP_20141004_063

See, what did I tell you. God invented cellphones with cameras so that memories would last a bit longer.

This was an awesome adventure.

At Tex's feet


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