13 Days Til Christmas

I have told you about my crew, but they deserve another mention. The Wrong Way Crew got together to celebrate Christmas. It is one of the momumental moments of my life. We had a great time.  There is always laughter, food and shenanigans with this crew.


Like sisters do, mine had to interrupt my selfie. The evening was young and payback was getting ready to cash the check she wrote.  The crew celebrated with some good mexican food and present exchange.  We had a great table back in the corner so we could hear what each other had to say. After lots of laughter, we went for a walk and took some pictures.


This is payback for sticking her fingers in my selfie. I invited myself into her picture. Cause that is what sisters do.

WWC Crew

We are a picture taking crew.  But we are really cute, so it is all good. I won’t share the photos with Elvis Elf or our club pose by the red tree. (Someday one of these women might run for office) But know that we had great conversation, excellent food and more fun than many people ever have in their entire life.


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