11 Days Til Christmas

I have been fortunate enough this year to have moments of clarity. Moments where the Creator of the universe spoke to me through a situation and I learned something I was able to apply to my everyday life. Here is one from April:

Had a revelation as I was walking out of Target. A mother and her young son, about 3 or 4, were walking toward the door. She said “We are going to Target.” He was crying and yelling “No.” Even though he did not want to go, he was walking right beside her. He was steady crying, but stayed at her side.

Some days that is how my Christian walk is. God is taking me places and like the little kid, I am screaming and crying, but steady walking with Him. He promised He would never leave us or forsake us. He didn’t promise we would like everywhere He took us.

No matter how out of hand that child got at the Target, his mother didn’t leave him there. No matter how crazy my life gets, God doesn’t leave me there.

I am a visual learner, so I like it when He gives me visual lessons. He had drug me through some situations this year, but I could feel him tugging at me. He kept telling me, we are not going to stay here. (Amen!)

So wherever He is leading you, go. He is going with you.


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