12 Days Til Christmas

Netflix! I have fallen in love with Netflix. It has almost become an obsession, except that I do watch “regular” TV on occasion. I enjoy watching an entire season of a show all together. I get a kick out of shows from Australia, Canada and the UK.  I even read subtitles for shows not delivered in English.

Call of Midwife

Call of Midwife

To date, my favorite has been Call of Midwife. Somebody needs to put Sister Monica Joan on a leash.  One of the funnies about this program, is how do you tell a story about someone’s life and they leave the story? Only on the telly. I enjoy seeing story of these midwives and the society they worked in. It introduced me to things I had never conceived.

Miss Fisher Murder Mystery

Miss Fisher Murder Mystery

Netflix has introduced me to Miss Fisher’s Murder Mystery, Copper, Murdoch Mystery, Paradise, Peaky Blinders (yes, I got a little carried away with historical period pieces). But I did find some good current age, like Alphas, Crossing Lines and Longmire.



I fell in love with Longmire on Netflix. “Happy Thankstaking.” Again, it gives me a perspective I have not always had available.

I remember I spent one day watching the entire season on Brookhaven. I was so wrapped up, I missed the Amazing Race that evening. I enjoy seeing how other people tell a story.

The other thing I like about Netflix is that it allows me to revisit those shows from my childhood. I waded through all 174 episodes of Emergency.  Did the same with Adam 12. (Can you tell I like cop and medical shows?)

I appreciate being able to experience television from other regions.



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