He can defend Himself and me

This morning in my bible study, the story of Aaron and Miriam talking against Moses was the focus. Moses did not defend himself, God took care of the situation.  I laughed to myself because I seldom give God the opportunity to defend me because I am always ready for a fight. I miss out on the blessing of hearing what God really thinks of me.

God says of Moses, “he is faithful in my house,

with him I speak face to face,

clearly and not in riddles,

he sees the form of the Lord” (Numbers 12: 7-8)

It is statements like that that make me leery of talking about God’s chosen ones. We spend too much time criticizing other Christians when we need to be building one another up. Another thing I love about this story is that God defends Himself. He doesn’t need any human being to defend Him.

God shut Aaron and Miriam down so fast they didn’t know what hit them. They left us an amazing example of repentance and Moses showed us what grace looked like.

I love people who have been somewhere with God. They show me that there are new heights to climb. The song “Glory to God” has been in my head all week. I can’t help but hold my arms up high when I listen to Tye Tribbett’s version. I pray that God’s glory will cause you to seek new adventures with Him and love Him forever.


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