I left the house in a rush this morning, and there is not a lot of light in my room. I was at my fourth stop of running errands. I was walking across a parking lot to a public building when something didn’t feel right. I looked down and saw that I had on 2 left flip flops. (my toes were cute and freshly painted) But I had on a brown flip flop for the left foot and a navy flip flop for the left. I knew I could not walk into the building like that.

Fortunately for me, I keep a pair of sneakers in my car. It was back to the car for a quick change. This cracked me up. I can’t believe I had not felt anything before that. You know sometimes that was my prayer life.

This week things have changed.

I watched the video I am sharing with you. Francis Chan blows my mind. He makes me think about things I have never thought about before. God gives us all these great examples of how to love Him and what faith looks like. Francis Chan says things that draw me closer to God.

One of my walk aways from this video is Revelation 4.  He challenged me to think about who I am praying to. When I pray now this image is before me on the throne.  He is no longer a better me in human form, but He is the image described in Revelation.  Let me tell you, that changes your approach completely as you imagine Him in the appearance of jasper and flashing lightning and pearls of thunder sitting above you on a throne.

Since I have changed my praying habits, things have changed in my life. My prayers have been very effective this week, as have been my study time. I love the idea of asking God to create new experiences in my life. If you ask, He really does it. (remember, I walked around in two left flip flops) He has a great sense of humor.


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