A dilemma to her destiny

The world was changing. Colored people were organizing and were standing up for their rights. The women’s rights movement was taking off like a runaway train. All of these exciting things were happening across the United States and she was stuck in a city that could set race and women’s right back a hundred years.

An African American woman moved home to take care of her dying mother giving up the opportunity to experience a world beyond segregation. Zoraida Hughes Williams finds that some things have changed about her hometown of Fort Worth, Texas while some have stayed the same, like Hell’s Half Acre, an area where saloons, prostitution and gambling runs wild. Like most of the residents, she wants to keep her head down and stay away from trouble, but it comes in the unlikely form of an Anglo Baptist preacher. He messes up everything and almost gets them killed.

Destiny’s Dilemma is available in print. You can purchase it on Createspace.


available on Createspace

Destiny’s Dilemma on Createspace

or on Amazon Kindle, subscribers read it for free

Destiny’s Dilemma on Amazon Kindle


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