I don’t want to bore you with my love

I have been so busy I forgot to blog last week. It is not the only thing suffering at the expense of my busyness. Yet, I have also been able to catch some insight.
I listened to this song last week and got caught up in it. The words enchanted me. I remember singing out loud with it. I love the story of being so caught up with someone you think your love will bore them. I think we have lost the idea that another person can be special. Although I can’t imagine a man who would be bored with my love. (Lol)
We have access to some amazing artists who tell incredible stories that capture US. And the truth is when they are gone, we will never have anything like them again. People will imitate them, but it will never be as real. These artist touch something in us that can’t be explained with words.

Songs in the Key of Life is an incredible work. It speaks to me on so many levels that I gain new insights every time I hear a song from it.
This holiday season give yourself the gift of a nice beverage and a listen to the Songs in the Key of Life.  Here is one of my favorites.

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