It is the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

I am sad to see Christmas go. Love Christmas. I love the songs and movies. I love everyone being nice to each other. I love the stories of hope. This evening I am spending it with Call of the Midwife‘s Christmas Special.

I hope your Christmas was amazing like mine. I love my family, even the crazy ones. It was great to spend time with them throughout the holiday season. Of course, we were rowdy and loud.

These gloves are some of the fun things that came with Christmas. My favorite was an electric tea pot. All are handy and warm gifts.

Yet aside from the gifts, the best gifts have been what the Lord has taught me all year. Next week I will share 10 things the Lord taught me in 2015. In spite of all of our circumstances, He is still good and faithful. Here is one:

Sometimes we wait because the Lord has to take the teeth out of the serpent that is waiting to bite us.

So those of you in a hurry. Wait.

Until then, lets have some Christmas music. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.



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