Prayer for my People

Lord Jesus,

You created us different for a reason. You darkened our skin and curled our hair. It was according to your magnificent purpose and your Everlasting plan. You operate in the spiritual and physical realms so you know better than us what is going on. But you have taught me, that if I cry out, you will hear and answer.

My heart is heavy and my soul cries out.

Lord, the devil is trying to annihilate my people. He has used many things in his arsenal including destroying our family units, but we are strong and have been able to push past that.  Now he has taken to killing us defenseless in the streets.

Lord, like you defended Israel in Egypt and Babylon, defend us.

You birthed us from the bottom of a ship,so I know there is a mighty plan at work.  We are your people Lord, you have seen to that. You taught us who you were before we could even read your word.  You put a song in our spirit that connects us to you. Some have strayed, but we are your people.

My prayer Lord is this. For every one of us that they kill, give us 10 more. Let us multiple to the point where this continent is so full of dark skinned people it makes the African continent jealous. Let our oppressors see that every time they kill one of us, 10 more will spring up.

Not only am I asking you to multiple my people Lord, I am asking to you bless whatever they put their hands to in your name. Make us many and bless our work in your name. Show our oppressors that you are a mighty God who decides what this continent looks like and who will run it.

Lord, I pray you will look upon our oppressors and change their hearts. Take the scales from their eyes and allow them to see that they are persecuting you.

Work out your plan and protect my people. I know you will do exceeding, abundantly above all I can ask or imagine.