Here are my harsh words

This is a letter to my Facebook Friends,

For all the folks who thought my FB posts were harsh. Here is harsh. Only three of you left, and I really thought more should go. You can follow me and not be my friend if you just want to keep up with what I am doing. After all you haven’t been my friend in a long time.

I know you applaud the people who say we all share in the responsibilities for racism. But you are white people. You run the world. You own most of the stuff in it. You messed it up. Put your big girl panties on and take some responsibility for it.  Stop trying to make black people take responsibility for being shot by cops.

We see black people being shot on video by the ones who is supposed to protect them and then hear, “Let’s wait for the investigation.”

Here is the investigation many of you will be experiencing.

You will be standing in heaven before our one and only. You are saved from damnation, but He will say, lets look at your “love” life.

And you will be “Well I needed the IRA for retirement, the vacations for my family, a new car every two years, my wardrobe needed updating, and but I did go on some church retreats.”

He will say “It’s okay. women and children in your neighborhood died of starvation, without shelter and simple medical procedures. But that just let them get to me sooner, right? You were working for the gospel.”

“Lord, I made donations.”

“You mean the stuff you didn’t want, like you gave me.” I think the Lord is going to belly laugh on that one.

I don’t care if you don’t like me, I am going to always hit you between your eyes with the truth. When I was hungry you did not feed me, when I was thirsty, you did not offer me a drink. I have gone through probably two of the hardest years of my life and not one of you called. So take all of your talk about Jesus teaching love and go somewhere. When you start living the love Jesus talked about, then I will listen.

You become like the people you surround yourself with. I don’t want to be like you. I thank God for that revelation. Even though I love you all, I don’t want your faith and definitely don’t want your love because there is so little to it.

Recently I have been working with people who are poor but have faith to move mountains. I love hearing them encourage each other on what Jesus will do.  I love being a part of them because they believe God for much even if it is just a meal or a place to live. My favorite homegirl tells everyone poor is a state of mind.

I know God is calling you to do something else, but you are waiting for all the circumstances to be right. They aren’t ever going to be right. That is what faith is all about. Stop being an idiot and go do what God called you to do. It is not going to be easy. Everyone is going to talk about you. But Baby, let me tell you the only one who counts is the one who is sending you.

There will be a check by my name in heaven because I will have said everything He told me to say!

I used to be afraid of failure. But now, I just let it go. As long as I am here, God will continue to use me. God continues to pour people into my life who really love him and live like it.

Go find a Lifegroup. Find a group of people and really live life together.  Make an investment in each other.

When God prunes, it is so that growth can occur, so I am not offended by you leaving my Facebook page. I know for everyone that leaves, God is sending two back.  Go find yourself a new black friend. (And be nicer to them than you were to me.)