Personal Note

It has been a good week.

In addition to making it to both bible studies this week, I also got to see Beth Moore on television Wednesday night.  Nothing beats listening to this woman explain chiastic structure. We know God will turn a situation around, thanks to the lovely study of Esther.


I had a great first time experience at Loc Stars salon in Arlington.  It had a very urban city feel and the owner is passionate about healthy hair. I love seeing people do things they are passionate about. And there is nothing better than a good hair washing and a glass of sweet tea. (yes, I am southern)


In the midst of writing my magnum opus, I have found inspiration in the strangest places, but it only makes the story better. Sometimes I try to rush a story along to fill a deadline. But it flows the way it wants to. I started this story 20 some odd years ago and I am amazed at how it evolves. Loving it.

And I am all about a good story.

At the beginning of my work week, other members of my team started some training that I had requested months ago. I was a little twisted when I found out one of the people who was being trained had never requested it.


And I said, “Really, God?” Yet I decided I was going to be happy for him. He really needed the break.  But he kept coming by my station on his breaks to chat.  “Really.” Not only do I have to be happy, but I have to watch him rub it in. I decided I was going to enjoy where I was. I was not going to complain to my manager about choosing people who didn’t even want it. I was going to wait for my turn, quietly.

The next day, I bump into another one of my team members going through this training. Again, people are going through training who did not request it.

“Not fair, God. But You know what you are doing.” I am going to shut up.

I had decided that God knew what He was doing even though I didn’t. I wasn’t going to throw a fit. I was going to wait my turn. In the meantime, I had a revelation.

I am at a moment in my life where I like God. You know how you can love someone, but not like them? For example, you love your parents but sometimes you might not like them because of interactions with them. Where it not for the Shekinah Glory and those scary creatures guarding Him, I know The Most High and I could sit over coffee and have a good chat.

When I get to work on Friday, there are no stations available for several of us. I look at the QB and ask what are the options. to make a long story short, two of my friends and I started training on the thing I had wanted all week. Not only do  I get the training I want, but I also get it with my friends. “Wow God!”

We had the best day. And all day, I thought God knew this was going to happen. Things did not start the way I thought they should. But He had it all planned. I just had to trust Him. It turned out way better than I planned. Amen.



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