It is always darkest before the dawn

And it is in our dark days that we see the light more brilliantly. We saw good but have been so tainted with our own stuff we did not recognize it. And the truth is, we have a hope in Jesus, but we have so much other stuff we don’t really need him. So in this drought, Lord, take all the things that hinder us from seeing you.

One of the things that the Lord has taught me during the last eight years is that He is just.  He always rights a situation in His own time, and baby when He RIGHTS it, there is no doubt He did it.

Over the last couple of months, I have been praying for my enemies and watching what God is doing in their lives. He has done some mighty work and I have seen it. People who set out to destroy me are trying to put the pieces of their lives back together. God protects His people.

God warned me months ago that Donald Trump would be president. I thought He was just playing. I mean “Really God, him?” But sometimes in order to heal a wound that isn’t healing correctly, you have to cut it open. He has cut open our festering hypocrisy for the world to see.  You see we talk about freedom and equal rights to the rest of the world, but we don’t practice it. Sometimes humiliation has to come before humility.

Over the last 10 years I have come up against some of the most hateful, mean people who felt they were entitled to treat people anyway they wanted. I often pray Lord, don’t let me work with mean people. But it is kinda like trying to find a righteous man in Soddom and Gomorrah. There just ain’t none. We are a country full of self centered hateful people and before the Lord can use us, He has to change us from the inside out. Donald Trump will be our catalyst.

For weeks He has been giving me this prayer, and I keep pushing it back. Lord I don’t want to say that. (I know how Elijah felt sometimes.) Forgive me, Lord. I have been disobedient in not saying what You wanted me to say, when You wanted me to say it.

Lord, dry up your grace, wealth, resources and protection from a government that terrorizes your people and encourages others to do the same. Like you did with Ahab and Jezebel, let those leaders feel the void of not having  access to You and all you give as they set out to harm Your sheep. Reveal them for what they really are. Like You dried out the land of Israel in Elijah’s time, dry out the United States in these times.

Protect Your people, separate the goats and sheep, devour the wolves at the gate.

Change us, Lord from the inside out because it is only once you deal with hate that we can get on with the mission of loving each other, which is your second greatest commandment.

Like He told Elijah in 1 Kings 17, God has told me there is going to be a drought in the land. He is going to dry up all of assets that have become the idols of the hateful. I know many people who say their foundation is Jesus. They are about to find out if that is true because He is about to be all they have.

Dry up all the jobs of the hateful and entitled so they can experience what no healthcare and income feel like. Make them totally dependent on the charity of others because it will change their hearts when they see it is only grace that keeps them and not their skills and talent and hard work. When they see small children in Africa and Asia saving pennies to feed the starving Americans maybe it will change their hearts.

For all of the people who have set their hearts in destroying health care for those in need of it, let them find themselves in need of it. Let their health care not work. Allow worms to eat their insides while they are still alive causing them much pain and difficulty. Let this affluent group find no medicine or cure for this ailment only a long life with pain and suffering. With each moment allow them to see the folks they allowed to die because they didn’t want to help.

For those destroying families and pulling them apart, let their own families be pulled apart and have no peace. Let there be constant churn  and strife in their dwellings and on display for the world to see. For those aborting and abusing children, stop their reproductive systems and put children in charge of them.

For those who take what the poor has to fill their own, let their wealth melt like wax. Let nothing they try cause them any gain until they are desolate on the streets. For all those who champion these type of people, let them lose everything of value they own and join them on the streets.

We have too much stuff and won’t even share with each other, and God knows only if He takes it away will He save some lives. When you are truly dependent on one another, you find out what you really believe.

And Lord, don’t allow people You chose to lead us to abuse and kill your people without any recompense.  Let them be like Egypt’s Pharaoh and lead his followers to a watery destruction. Or more like Jezebel, let dogs eat the rotting flesh of those who take evil action against God’s people.

I pray this drought lasts as long as You allow, Lord. I know you will get the glory when hearts are changed. Amen.


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