When Your World is in Chaos

There is one who is always straight. I got to spend the morning exchanging opinions with friends about our current political turmoil. It was healthy. And we still live in a country where we can all disagree.

I have always championed the philosophy that as the Body of Christ we are different parts of the body. The hands relate to the eyes differently than the feet relate to the eyes. Socks are important on feet, not on hands or a nose. But I bet the feet with fight you over some socks if they are cold and wet.

Some of us see the threat to us, while others can dismiss it because it doesn’t really affect them. During the study of Revelation last year, we learned of all the things that would take place in the last days.  There would be wars and rumors of wars. Wars don’t get started in times of peace and tranquility.

Let me tell you something, God is teaching us even during these time. He is revealing Himself to us in a mighty and powerful way. Spend some time with Him and let Him calm your heart. You will be able to face whatever comes.

Caught_in_the_Crosswinds_ Book1



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