Sometimes God Moves You Out the Way

so He can get to people.  I mean you pray over people and when God starts acting in their lives you jump in and try to do it. You better recognize that God will get you so busy that you only have time to run your life.

God has me busy working in my life. I don’t have to worry about you, talk about, wonder what do. My prayer list is long and God keeps adding people. (And I keep trying to take people off)

I pray for my friends, my enemies, people I know and people I don’t know.  I have projects in the works and spend my time praying asking God if these things are really significant for His Kingdom.  Cause to tell you the truth, I am tired.

So when people come to me with petty shit, I look at them and wonder if this is really all they have going on in their lives.  I pray Lord, please handle this.

This week I got to have dinner with my home girls and it was such a blessing.  Even though I had an agenda full of things to accomplish this week, the Spirit led me to go fellowship with these ladies. It was such a blessing.

I learned alot.

One of the things I learned is that we put condemnation on ourselves because of what we think others represent.  I love Jesus with all my heart mind and soul. In Him there is no condemnation for sin.  If my love for Jesus makes you feel condemned because you are a sinner, then you need to take that up with Jesus. Because we all live in sin, none is greater than the other. I just don’t let my sin condemn me. He has promised there is no condemnation for those in Christ Jesus.  I accept it and walk in it.

I repent of my sin and move on.  There is work to do.  The past couple of weeks I have met many people who are so caught up in the fact that they can’t stop sinning it paralyzes them.

The other thing I loved about our impromptu  meeting was we taught each other. We laughed. We learned we needed to listen to each other because we give sound advice.  It was a great moment.

God sends us a word through the people we encounter daily. Listen, you will find out He is near you. He is answering your call. It doesn’t look like you expected, but it is His plan. Stop getting in His way as He answers your prayers. Trust. He is light. In Him there is no darkness. 1 John 1:5

1 John 1,5

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