New Projects for 2017

So excited about the new projects in the works.

New Devotional Book:

How to Raise God Wise Kids in a Satan Rich World

In a world that can seem hopeless, kids need a reason to hope. In addition to teaching our children how to get into college, play sports and chase the American Dream, there is something greater to be learned.  He created the universe with stars and planets, yet the desire of His heart was to reconcile with people whom He loved.  In this devotional, the author shares ideas of how to help your children have a personal relationship with God  who created the Universe. Through scripture, art and stories, she shared the opportunities she had to teach her own child to get to know God.

This book should be published by July 2017


Updated Dancing During the Storm

I have added two knew stories to Dancing

Dancing During the Storm is a collection of stories from projects that I have written over the years.  They represent a desire to praise God despite the storms in my life. As the saying goes, you are going into a storm, in the middle of a storm or coming out of a storm.  All of these stories tell of people who enjoy the life that God has given them and live it to the fullest.  Each character has a storm in their life which they are going into, in the midst of, or coming out of.

The first story is about the first man to ever encounter a storm and the impact on his life.

The second story is about a court case that changed the lives of three of the women involved.  A Victim. A Juror. A Judge. The impact of the trial changed their thinking, yet prepared them for all that life threw at them.

The third story is a science fiction tale of the journey of a young woman who is searching for peace and quiet after spending the last two years on a planet that had to resemble hell. As she emerges from the storms of her life, she sees that things are not an easy as she thought they would be.

The fourth and final story is science fiction that deals with a world that had a major catastrophe and the inhabitants attempt to put their world back together again.  In a decreased populated world, city states begin to form new governments.  Sent on a mission to get the new Law Boss, a young woman found more changed in her world than she knew. It looked like she would have to fight her way back home.

Enjoy these fun, light hearted stories, but hear the underlying intent.

This update should be available by August 2017.



A new movie project  that will be a short film, about 30 minutes. I wanted to do a project that talks about the importance of women’s rights but in a fun theatrical way that will impact your life more than some preachy documentary.  I am going to stretch myself on this one.


14 to Fate

With war pending, two women meet to decide the fate of all women, treason or slavery. As their husbands prepare for a world war, these women secretly talk about where women will fit in the new outcome of this war.

In a time when women’s rights hit all-time low, with women being lower than slaves. Gilda, wife of the President of the 1st side of the planet, wanted a movement to create rights making women equal to men. Hythica, wife of the Prime Minister of the 2nd side of the planet, was willing to negotiate item by item to secure women’s rights, but peace also. In the midst of it all, allies and enemies set to expose their plans and topple the movement. Confined, these women realize the movement to free women is bigger and stronger than the both of them, but would it be enough?

We are just in the process of raising funds for this movie.  Production date is TBD.

Look for the links on Indiegogo and Kickstarter to support this movie.

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