Turning off your social media might land you dead or in jail.

I have been amused by the tweets of folks wanting to give up social media because they feel they are addicted to the news.  I think they have confused addiction with preservation.

Some of these stories are about racist attacks on people of color. Why would you not want to know where this is happening? If Congress started a vote to put all people of color into slavery and take all of their property, wouldn’t you like to hear about the bill before it became a law? I’m just saying…

The current establishment would love nothing better than for millions of people to turn off their social media and just stop paying attention to what is going on.  They don’t want you to know when people disappear, when laws change or any other slight of the hand they may be doing.  It is kind of like a baby who closes their eyes and thinks you can’t see them because they can’t see you.  You better keep your eyes on these fools because they have no good intentions for any of us.

History has taught us that when millions of people bury their heads and minds during seasons of injustice, a form of evil takes over that is so diabolical that most can’t even imagine it.  The things are happening to undocumented workers in prisons right now that we don’t know about. Our Justice System has set up a process where they can take a persons property just by accusing them of a crime, not convicting, just accusing. We as Americans will one day have to reckon with the things we allowed our government to do on our behalf.  Man might not hold justice high on his bucket list, but God does. God is just. The things used to destroy a certain people will end up destroying the ones who put it in place.

And just like when the Babylonians arrived to take the Israelites into captivity, they ignored the poor and the slaves. They put hooks through the flesh of the rich and drug them off to captivity. Right now, they think they are protecting their own interest.  What they are doing is building barns for someone else to own.

Prayer warriors, stay awake. Do not shrink back from the news but pray boldly according to scripture. Hear every story and make your petition to God. Make sure you have on your armor so that you can stand against the devil’s tricks.

Know that these times are opportunities for God to get His Glory. Pray and watch Him work.

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